MinimOSD connection

The MinimOSD can be powered in two ways.  The “normal” way is to give the telemetry side +5V from the APM and the video side -12V directly from the battery.  I’m not sure what I did wrong, but like many others, I managed to kill my OSD using this approach.

A safer approach, is to solder two pads on the board, connecting the power rails on the two sides, and then only powering it from a “safe” +5V source at the telemetry side.  I have followed this approach and have not had any problems since then.

In order to get the telemetry from the APM to the OSD and connect the telemetry radio you need to connect both the OSD and the radio to the APM’s telemetry TX.

Below is a diagram of my current setup as it works for me.

Two important notes!

  1. I take NO responsibility if this does not work for you and nukes your components!
  2. I’m NOT powering the OSD and radio from the APM’s 5V rail.  There are known issues with this approach with certain APM versions.


MinimOSD connection - 12V power lines not shown.

MinimOSD connection – 12V power lines not shown.

The graphic of the OSD, I took from this web page :



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