Bixler Mod – It flies!

Took the Bixler out for it’s first flight with the ArduPilot on-board and had few very good flights. I had a bit of issues initialising the airspeed sensor correctly. One init, it showed around 20m/s while on the ground (I don’t think the Bixler can go that fast, ever if it tried to!) and on another occasion it showed zero airspeed throughout the flight.

This is something I’ll have to watch carefully as it does not navigate automatically if this sensor is not working!

However, once that was working it navigated very well. Airspeed and XY position was very good with it hitting each waypoint that I set for it. Airspeed was kept within around +- 1m/s. I’m not totally happy with it’s height accuracy, it lost around 10m on the downwind turn every time. The new speed and height algorithm they use now is new to me and I need to see if I can tune that a bit better. Thought 10m is not THAT bad, considering that it was a very tight waypoint pattern and that it will usually not turn that much during navigation.

See the screenshots below for the recorded telemetry tracks.

APM Planner view of track.

APM Planner view of track.

Google Earth 3D view of track.

Google Earth 3D view of track.


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