She has had a Nose Job

Camera Shelf

Camera shelf seen from the front with canopy removed.

I have finished the shelf on which the camera will rest and cut the hole in the bottom through which the lens will look.  I have also managed to get a nasty glue-gun blister on my thumb for my troubles.

After having endless problems with wheels ripping off in thick grass, I decided to leave the wheels off and make the plane a belly-lander.  I did however add a single centre line wheel if I have to land on hard surfaces.  It’s partially embedded in the body so it should not snag on anything.

Wheel with camera lens hole behind it.

Wheel with camera lens hole behind it.

One concern with the wheel is that it sits right in front of the camera’s lens hole and can potentially throw dirt right on to the camera lens.  I have however built a remote control for the camera using an old servo board.  With that I can extend and retract the camera’s lens by connecting the camera’s USB port to a channel on the receiver that is assigned to a switch on my remote control.  That way, the camera lens will be safely retracted with it’s lens cover over during take off and landing.  Later, the channel can also be controlled by the autopilot if need be.  I’ll post details on the camera remote-control later.

I still need to tidy up the servo wires in the non-removable part of the aircraft, but I will always have two loose ones as they have to detach when the wings are removed.  I will also have to add a shelf for the autopilot once it arrives.  The autopilot will probably not be in time for the summit, so “Mark I Eyeball” flying will have to do for now!

Nose attached to the body with the canopy and wings removed.

Nose attached to the body with the canopy and wings removed.

I have some plans for reducing the weight of the plane too by cutting holes in the wings and the body and covering those with film or Vinyl, but I’m still undecided on this.


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