APM Telemetry

I’ve had the question put to me whether the telemetry radio is really needed for the Autopilot. Though strictly it’s not required, I would strongly recommend to get the telemetry link with the Autopilot.

Here are some of the deciding factors for me:
1. Don’t have to plug in the plane every now and again to update a mission.
2. Updating and changing of missions while in the air (handy if it heads back to Pretoria while in Limpopo!)
3. You can fine-tune the autopilot while in the air. Carefully of course!
4. You can follow your aircraft on a map while it’s doing it’s job. Also handy to see how well it handles your mission, so that you can learn to plan missions better in the future.
5. Live HUD showing all kinds of handy info. Access to around 90 parameters that can be displayed live.
6. You can control the plane by sending it to a point on the map. Should you have a gimballed camera, you can also control that by pointing it to a point on the map (guided mode).

Below is a video (speeded up 10x) of a flight and what the telemetry looks like whilst in flight.

About delabu

I am a software developer, coding mainly in Java and specializing in the GIS field.

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