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Aerial Photography part II

It’s been a hectic few weeks and it’s about time for an update.

My drone/UAV/flying foam terror can now fly nice grid patterns with the help of an Arduino APM 2.5. This enables me to get good coverage over an area that is needed for getting nicely overlapping photos for building an aerial photo.

My first aerial photo test went quite well, despite the windy conditions and the autopilot not being tuned in all that well for these conditions.

Below is a link to a map service serving the resulting 500 megapixel ortho photo and DEM (digital elevation model). The photo was built up from around 400 photos.

Open the link below and use the mouse to pan around, mouse wheel to zoom in and out (or SHIFT+CLICK+DRAG to box zoom). Sweep the vertical red line left and right by click-dragging it to reveal either the ortho photo or the DEM.

Be patient, though, it’s large and takes a while to serve out the high res images as you zoom in. It’s only a desktop serving the data, not a proper server!

Click here for the map.