Finally back in Business!

After a loooong wait I have a new camera. After my initial happiness with SecurityCamera2000, I am still waiting for my replacement camera. I ordered a set of Fatshark goggles in the meantime and this has arrived in about two weeks from the order.  There was a strike (yay, SA!) at some depot handling incoming parcels, and I guess my cameras are there somewhere.  So, I will not blame SC2000 – yet.

Luckily, the goggles comes bundled with a receiver, transmitter and camera, so I can use that in the mean time.

I did a few FPV flights the week-end, all with me flying the place regular RC style and someone else operating the goggles.

Below is a video of the feed recorded from the goggles. Recording framerate is not indicative of what is seen in the goggles as the framerate there is fairly smooth.  The video shows the typical issues I experienced – most of what seems to be fairly short bursts of interference, probably caused by polarity issues and the stock antennas.


About delabu

I am a software developer, coding mainly in Java and specializing in the GIS field.

One response to “Finally back in Business!”

  1. SecurityCamera2000 says :

    Thank you very much for your understanding. 🙂

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