V-Tail saves the day

Nearly had a bad “oopsie” yesterday when one of my servos became unstuck.

I felt the plane was behaving really sluggish in pitch and brought it in for a landing. It barely flared on landing and I ended up plowing through the dirt with the nose.  Luckily, other than being dirty, the plane was not damaged.

Turns out one of the tail servos came loose and I was controlling the plane with only the other servo that was left.

Had this been a regular tail and it was the elevator servo that came loose, I’m not so sure I could have landed the plane intact!

That begs the question – for a future long endurance FPV platform carrying potentially thousands of rands of gear, is the redundancy given by a V-tail and twin servo aileron set up not the way to go?  With that kind of set up one can lose any servo and still have control.

What are the downside to a v-tail? I can’t say that it flies much different to my other planes and it is one control surface’s drag less. So far there seem to be only up-sides…


About delabu

I am a software developer, coding mainly in Java and specializing in the GIS field.

2 responses to “V-Tail saves the day”

  1. Johan says :

    As far as I know, there’s not really a downside to V-tail. Usually they work very efficiently and you have less tail surfaces which can cause drag.
    If you want less things that can go wrong, get a flying wing! Only two servos, two control surfaces, and less bits sticking out! 🙂

    • delabu says :

      I guess a wing is the most efficient. But then again, how will a wing handle losing one of it’s two servos? I also hate launching wings. In fact, I hate hand launches. I always have the most issues hand launching. I guess one can make a little undercarriage car for your wing, though. Gives you both options – hand and runway launch.

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