Plastic Moulding

On a slightly different topic, but nevertheless relevant to FPV and RC in general.  A gear stripped in the Tiger tank used for the FPV gear testing.

Unfortunately, there is probably no chance of finding a replacement gearbox for this tank.

I have one of three choices:

1. Find a gearbox with similar characteristics, and replace the whole thing.  Which means I will have to replace both sides, and the tank will not run straight if the two sides are not geared exactly the same, with roughly the same resistances.

2. Find a replacement gear.

3. Make a replacement gear.

The latter two are probably the most viable options.  I’ll have to get the exact specs for the gear for option 2 (which I will do this afternoon).

Making my own, is a really interesting option.  It seems the most viable option is to make a silcon mould using a master (luckily, I can use the intact gearbox’s gear as a master).

Fortunately, I have a friend who have done this before, so I will be visiting him this afternoon to see how it works, and find out where one can find these products in South-Africa.

In the mean time, here’s some interesting sites on the topic:

1. Tutorial on silicone moulding.

2. Possible source for buying plastic gears.

3. Local supplier of moulding materials.


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