The ElectraSport

On request of a reader, I will post two photos of the crashed ElectraSport. Problem is, it’s nearly impossible to see the damage on a photo.

That little plane is nearly indestructible and have survived far worse crashes than the one this week-end. It wasn’t even a proper crash as it never really stalled. It just could not maintain level flight. So rather than pull on the sticks and possibly drop a wing, I let it run it’s course and cut power just before impact, saving the prop in the process.

If it wasn’t for that darned rock, it would have been an unplanned landing at most!

Anyway, here’s a photo of the damaged wing and snapped rudder, which broke due to rotational acceleration when the wing hit the rock.

The “crashed” plane with FPV gear on back:


Crush damage on leading edge and crack in the wing:

Snapped rudder:


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