More equipment details

The frequencies covered by my transmitter receiver combo are as below. Guess I will stay away from the band around 1200MHz as this is a harmonic of 2400, which currently is what I use in my radio.

Per a friend’s suggestion, I will also need to make an LC filter so that I do not get noise from the speed controller on my video.  Here is a link explaining how to make your own.

After making an LC filter, all that is left is to assemble some kind of platform for all the gear that can be easily attached on the back of my tried, trusted and nearly indestructible plastic glider and then I should be able to do my first flight this week-end!

The channels and their frequencies:

  • CH4:1080MHZ
  • CH5:1120MHZ
  • CH6:1160MHZ
  • CH7:1200MHZ
  • CH8:1240MHZ
  • CHd:1258MHZ
  • CH9:1280MHZ
  • CHH:1320MHZ
  • CHC:1360MHZ


About delabu

I am a software developer, coding mainly in Java and specializing in the GIS field.

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