Project kickoff

This is my project to build an eye in the sky style FPV (First Person View) RC (Radio Controlled) drone. Not purely FPV, but with obvious FPV elements the ideal goals of this project is as follows:

1. Very good loiter time (1 to 2 hours).
2. Medium range (3 – 5km)
3. Pan / Tilt system for training the camera on a point of interest.
4. Waypoint and orbit functionality, leaving the pilot’s concentration on operating the camera and not flying the plane at those times.

Having read up a lot on the forums over at, I see three emerging patterns that I will try to adhere to:
1. Get good equipment from the start.
2. Keep it as simple as possible.
3. Start by crawling, before running!

Goal #1 – get basic FPV up and running:
My first goal in adherence to #3 above, is to get very basic FPV going. The plane will still be flown within visual range as a basic RC plane, with the FPV being recorded on a laptop. Basic FPV flight may be attempted but always with a second pilot that acts as spotter and that can take over control via a buddy box setup if needed. Plane will be flown in normal RC range at all times.

This will give me a feel for FPV and “get my feet wet”. The gear will be installed in one of my existing foamie planes as a start.

Gear planned for this phase:
1. 900MHz-1.3Ghz Receiver SAW w/1258 Custom RMRC Version
2. EzCAP PC Based capture software.
4. PZ0420 Camera
5. Self built ibCrazy antennas (probably cloverleaf – optional for this stage).
6. Pan and tilt (optional and if everything goes well).

About delabu

I am a software developer, coding mainly in Java and specializing in the GIS field.

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